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Household dangers to your pet

Author: Nancy Werteen, Anchor / Reporter, If you have a dog at home you know that dogs aren’t exactly discriminating when it comes to eating. In fact, most dogs will eat just about anything. And that can be a problem. Did you know that there are... READ MORE

Pit bull in Allentown found beaten by hatchet

From afar, a young pit bull looks like any other playful pup, but up close, it more resembles the dog of Frankenstein. “I suspect somebody took something like a hatchet, potentially to knock her out,” said veterinarian Elena Sawickij of the Allentown Animal Clinic.... READ MORE

Winter Safety

Winter is fast approaching, and many owners have contacted us regarding us about how to transport their birds, reptiles and small animal to our office safely. It is never too dangerous to bring your pets to the vet in cold weather, particularly if you suspect your pet... READ MORE

Winter Saftey

As winter approaches, it is important to remember some of the dangers that colder weather presents to our pets. Pets are susceptible to hypothermia and frostbite when they are not adequately sheltered from the cold and should be kept indoors in colder temperatures.... READ MORE

Get Smart! About Antibiotics and Your Pet

We have all heard about the overuse of antibiotics in humans. The overuse of antibiotics is the most important factor contributing to antibiotic resistance. Misusing antibiotics by not taking them as prescribed is also a contributing factor. Pets are prescribed... READ MORE